#Biography - Italy

Eric De Lautour

Eric De Lautour, from New Zealand, was a soldier in the 25th Battalion in the North African campaign and in the 18th Armoured Regiment in the Battle of Cassino, as a driver and signalman in tanks. After the war, for several year, he took part in the Ceremonies at the Battle of Cassino.

Eric De Lautour, L/Cpl Reg No. 234312, 2nd New Zealand Division, in 25 Battalion, Company A in North Africa and then assigned in the Italian Campaign to 18 Battalion as a driver and signalman. In life he was a farmer, after fighting he returned to New Zealand, raised a large family and in old age became a well-known senior runner. Of the fighting in Italy he had vivid memories, especially of the civilians he had met, he remembered the poverty and misery of the Italians who showed great dignity and to whom he and his fellow soldiers tried to help. He took part in several ceremonies in Cassino, together with veterans from every nation, showing sincere reconciliation with old enemies. He made friends with the Italians he had fought with in the Liri Valley. He died on 14 April 2020 at the age of 100.