Venray Commonwealth War Cemetery

Venray War Cemetery is a Commonwealth war grave in Venray. 692 soldiers who died during the period from October 1944 to March 1945 are buried here. Venray was liberated by Allied troops in the middle of October 1944.

Most of the 692 soldiers buried at the Venray War Cemetery died near Venray during the Battle of Overloon, which was part of Operation Aintree. On the site there are 628 British, 22 Canadian, 5 New Zealand, 4 Australian, 1 Polish and 30 unidentified graves. There is also a war correspondent buried. In 2020 Stichting Adoptiegraven CWGC Venray War Cemetery (Adopting Graves CWGV Venray War Cemetery Foundation) was founded. This foundation gives interested parties the possibility to adopt a grave on the graveyard, to make sure the soldiers and their stories will not be forgotten.
Hoenderstraat 5801, Venray, Netherlands
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