‘Golden Mile’ Prisoner of War Temporary Enclosure

Remagen was once the location of an Allied prisoner of war ‘camp’ nicknamed the ‘Golden Mile’.

When the Western Allies had broken Nazi resistance on the Rhine, German Army’s will to resist finally broke, at least in the West. Although isolated groups still fought fiercely, most of German troops surrendered in scores, soon overwhelming Allies' capacity to process them. To provide rudimentary incarceration, large areas were fenced off as temporary prisoner of war "camp" for 50,000 people. Overall, 17 such Prisoner of War Temporary Enclosures (PWTE) were created. One of them, nicknamed "Golden Mile", was placed at Remagen. Conditions in such areas quickly deteriorated. Rainy weather, lack of food or any shelter helped disease to spread. American field hospital employed German military medical personnel to help, but the wave of ill was overwhelming. By the time PWTE was closed in June, over 1000 prisoners died. Today the location of the PWTE Remagen is marked with the Peace Chapel.
Mittelstraße, 53424 Remagen Remagen Deutschland