Portsmouth Quay House

As the Embarkation Area Headquarters for the Portsmouth sector during the D-Day campaign, Quay House was central to the successful launching of the campaign. Organising the launches of the allied troops from four areas across Portsmouth to the beaches of Normandy, France, military personnel at Quay House played a vital role in ensuring the campaign ran efficiently.

Quay House, located in Old Portsmouth, acted as the Embarkation Area Headquarters for the Portsmouth sector during the D-Day campaign. In the lead-up to D-Day large numbers of Allied troops assembled along various embarkation points across the south coast of the United Kingdom, ready to disembark when the orders were given. Troops set off from Dartmouth (Utah Force), Portland (Omaha Force), Portsmouth (Juno Force), Shoreham-by-Sea (Sword Force) and Southampton (Gold Force). Due to the vast scale of the operation, meticulous planning was required to coordinate the troops and get them ready to join the ships and landing craft that would carry them to the beaches of Normandy, France. The local Embarkation Area Headquarters played a vital role in ensuring that the operation ran smoothly and without delay. Quay House organised the launches from four areas across Portsmouth: Flat House Quay, Portsmouth Royal Naval Dockyard, Portsmouth Harbour Station and South Parade Pier. In readiness for embarkation, the Allied troops were stationed in various camps to the north of Portsmouth, such as marshalling area camp A7 at Stakes Hill, Waterlooville, and Lepe in the New Forest. These camps could hold up to 2,500 men and 250 vehicles. The majority of them were located in dense woodland to ensure they remained hidden from enemy reconnaissance aircrafts. Once the orders were given for the D-Day campaign to commence, personnel at Quay House mobilised so the Allied troops could be quickly transferred to the local embarkation areas along the Portsmouth coastline, running the operation according to a highly detailed timetable.   Quay House is now a private residence.
62-70 Broad Street, Portsmouth, Royaume-Uni