Museum De Casteelse Poort

Historisch Museum De Casteelse Poort is housed in a villa that stands on the site of an old castle. Remains of the castle's gatehouse can be seen in the cellar. The permanent collection consists of: The history of Wageningen with a model of the city as it was in the seventeenth century; Wageningen in 1940-1945, focussing on the surrender in Hotel De Wereld in 1945; The history of the agricultural college and agricultural research in Wageningen. The museum also has temporary exhibitions relating to regional history, agriculture in the broadest sense and modern art. The museum houses the archives of Vereniging Oud-Wageningen (the Old-Wageningen Historical Society).

Nowadays Wageningen calls itself ‘City of Liberation’. Every year on 4 and 5 May, the city commemorates the second world war and celebrates freedom. Highlights are the famous parade, in attendance of veterand and the freedomfestival with stage throughout the center. throughtout the year activities are being organized around the thema Peace and Safety.

Bowlespark 1A, 6701 DN Wageningen, Pays-Bas

+31 (0)317 421436

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