Canadian War Cemetery Holten

The 'Canadian War Cemetery Holten' on the Holterberg is one of the most impressive reminders of the Second World War. In the spring of 1945, after five years of oppression, Canadian troops were principally responsible for the liberation of northern and eastern Netherlands. During the liberation operations, many Canadian liberators paid the ultimate price. In an historic setting, 1,394 military have found their final resting place at the Canadian Military Cemetery. During your visit to the adjacent Information Centre, you can gain an insight into the history of the cemetery, the liberation of northern and eastern Netherlands and learn more about the lives of the fallen. Based on personal stories, anecdotes and photos, often obtained from relatives, the memory of those who died is kept alive. Unique films and documentaries with much authentic footage show you the history and specifics of the war cemetery and you will discover poignant stories of fallen liberators and liberation operations. The centre is free for everyone and is a source of information in providing more depth to a visit to the cemetery.
7451 Holten, Pays-Bas

+31 (0)548 78 91 61 info@canadesebegraafplaatsholten.nl

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