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Shoah and Comic Stips



Contemporary memory reserves a special place for the Shoah, an event without precedent in history. All events are historicized and mediatized, and become the subject of fiction. The Shoah could not escape this. Not without caution, error and trial and error, but also with genius, comics have seized upon the Shoah.

This is the historical and artistic journey that we offer you through the so-called 9th art, examining the visual sources of these representations, their relevance, their scope and their limits. How the Shoah was mobilized by fiction, whether in comic books or in the Franco-Belgian comic strip "La Bête est morte!" by Calvo, where the theme was present as early as 1944. More than 75 years later, these narratives and representations reveal a number of themes, almost a grammar, which this exhibition will attempt, for the first time, to take stock of.

Scientific curators :

Didier Pasamonik is a publisher, journalist and exhibition curator, as well as a recognized specialist in comics.

Joël Kotek is a professor at the Université libre de Bruxelles and at Sciences Po Paris.

45 rue du Bourdon Blanc 45000 Orléans

Organiser: Cercil - Musée-Mémorial des enfants du Vel d'Hiv.

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