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80 years of freedom: commemorating and celebrating



In September/October 2024, numerous activities will take place in Meierijstad around the 1944 liberation. In Eerde, Sint-Oedenrode, Veghel and Schijndel, among others, we will commemorate and celebrate 80 years of freedom thanks to Operation Market Garden and Operation Pheasant.

During this period, there will be all kinds of things to see, do and learn. For both young and old. Commemorations will be held and monuments unveiled. Come and watch various historical columns and reenactment (= reenacting historical events). Hop on your bike for one of the bike tours that will take you past important sites, or put on your walking shoes for a new podwalk. There will be concerts and much more.

Slowly but surely, separate announcements will appear on Meierijstad Herdenkt. So keep a close eye on the website.


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Organiser: VVV Noordoost-Brabant