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The West: Why so much hatred?



For half a millennium, roughly between the 15th and 20th centuries, the West dominated the planet. The West, i.e. Catholic and Protestant Europe, joined in the 19th century by the United States of America, which made it grow out of its flanks. Its capacity for innovation, its scientific prowess, its commercial and economic dynamism and its conquering spirit ensured it an undivided domination and enabled it to unify the world under its rule. It was the West who defined the complex, protean phenomenon encompassed by the term "modernisation", drew its contours and set its milestones. He shaped the world in his own image.

This cycle is over. Decolonization has already dented its hegemony, while the bipolar organization set up in the wake of the Second World War has turned its historic heartland, Europe, into a second-rate geopolitical player. And, in the global anomie that followed the implosion of the Soviet empire and the brief moment of unrivalled American hegemony, the emergence of an ill-defined "Global South" now competes fiercely for pre-eminence. While it remains the world's richest area and the one with the greatest power of attraction, it has to be admitted that the very foundations of its civilization are being challenged from all sides, both from outside and from within.

So, does the West still exist, does it still have relevance, does its civilization still have something to say to the world? Is it still salvageable, and does it even deserve to be saved?

Practical information:

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