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Defile and commemoration Foundation 18 September



By organising a torchlight procession and a parade - with the participation of many cultural institutions and sports clubs from Eindhoven - the 18 September Foundation not only honours the many sacrifices made during the liberation of the city and its surroundings on 18 September 1944, but also makes young people aware that freedom cannot be taken for granted. In the presence of numerous veterans and military vehicles, the liberation fire will enter the city, following a long cycling and walking tour from the first French city liberated by the Allies: Bayeux.

"Particularly impressive"

As every city in Western Europe, Eindhoven has been commemorating its liberation since 1945, exactly on the day the city was liberated by British and American troops. Coming from the north, from where Museum Bevrijdende Vleugels is now located, the paratroopers dropped there moved into the city, where they met the ground troops coming from the south. The 650-kilometre route that these allies covered in 105 days in 1944 is still travelled annually by cyclists and runners with a burning torch today. During this journey, they bring the Liberation Fire from Normandy to Eindhoven, culminating in the highlight of the celebration: the arrival of the fire on the Stadhuisplein, under the watchful eye of various military attachés, ambassadors and other dignitaries. For many an honour to attend, and for most also unexpectedly impressive: "I never realised that Eindhoven was doing so much commemoration and actuality."

Stadhuisplein 1, 5611 EM Eindhoven, Netherlands


Organiser: Stichting 18 September

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