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You, Anne



On 6 July 1942, Otto and Edith Frank and their daughters Margot (16) and Anne (13) went into hiding in the storage rooms behind the office building of Otto's company at Prinsengracht 263. The Van Pels couple (called 'Van Daan' by Anne in her diaries) and their son Peter soon joined them, followed later by dentist Fritz Pfeffer (Albert Dussel). The eight people in hiding stayed in their hiding place - renamed 'the Secret Annexe' by Anne - until their discovery on 4 August 1944.

The performance 'You, Anne' tells what went on in the Secret Annex during these two years. The many difficult moments, the tension and uncertainties, but also the mutual warmth and moments of hope are highlighted. Central are Anne's personal story and the diaries in which she wrote it down. They give an intimate glimpse into the feelings, developments and (un)certainties of the young girl who, despite everything, always managed to remain optimistic. She invariably signed the stories in her diaries with 'You, Anne'.

Unlike previous narratives, films and plays, 'You, Anne' tells the factual story of the hiders in the Secret Annex without being dramatised, supplemented or adapted in any way. For this, Enid Futterman's script was complemented with songs of integrity and mostly poignant songs by Michael Cohen. The performance, in Dutch, is directed by Flemish director Frank Van Laecke.

Cast: Chris Tates (Otto Frank), Silvana Rocha (Anne), Marleen van der Loo (Edith Frank), Floor Brüggenwirth (Margot), Wim van den Driessche (Hermann van Pels), Mariska van Kolck (Auguste van Pels), Sem Konijn (Peter van Pels), Jasper Kerkhof (Fritz Pfeffer).

Grote Markt 32 4611 NT BERGEN OP ZOOM

Organiser: Stadsschouwburg de Maagd

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