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Jean Moulin, the road to freedom



Is there a more emblematic figure than Jean Moulin to embody the Resistance? "The exhibition Jean Moulin, Les voies de la liberté" provides an insight into the historical and memorial dimensions of a complex man who loved life passionately, yet was prepared to lose it in the defense of his humanist values.

Jean Moulin, under the combined influence of history and memory, has become a national hero. 80 years after his death, the CHRD presents an exhibition inviting us to (re)discover the man through the eyes of those who knew him or studied him: those close to him, witnesses, his supporters - of whom there were many - and his detractors.

In the exhibition, photos, videos, documents and personal objects paint a warm, lively picture of Jean, far removed from the almost disembodied icon too often conjured up in the collective imagination.

There's no doubt that the vibrant personality, strength and courage of this great man will accompany visitors in their commitment to a fairer, freer society.

14 Av. Berthelot, 69007 Lyon, France

Organiser: Centre d'histoire de la résistance et de la déportation

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